Enjoy your favorite game on your smartphone as never before with advanced sport statistics and analytics seamlessly integrated into live sport events

The Challenge

Most spectator sports are difficult to watch on tablets and smartphones, while many other sports are even difficult to watch on large screen HDTV!

Sports fans who watch streaming content on a mobile device*
Sports fans that want more insights into player stats and information**
Sports fans that go online at least once a day**

*  Sports Tech Report 2017, Deloitte

** PwC’s Sports Survey 2018


Our AR software application requires only a smartphone, a smart TV or a simple streamer. 

Using machine vision and deep learning technologies, our application creates an trully interactive and compelling watching experience of llive sport broadcasts.

We are not focusing on just one sport, AthletAR enhances the most favorite televised sports, whether it’s hockey, tennis, basketball or football, all these popular sport broadcasts can be upgraded with the AthletAR experience!

AthletAR creates a compelling experience for sport fans by providing additional information and game perspectives, on players, and on specific game moves. The advanced sport statistics and analytics are seamless integrated into the live sport events.


Analyze Broadcast 

Using machine learning to detect moving relevant objects, players and game moves

Streamed Broadcast


AthletAR Layers

In near real-time as synchronized metadata

Display AR on Screen

Using an interactive  dedicated app that allows personal customization on the fly

About Us

 Rony Kowalski

Co-Founder, CEO

Passionate innovator with a long track record of global product & business development management positions at both startups and large enterprises (ECI Telecom, Ceragon Networks, Allied Telesys Wireless).

Ori Guez

Co-Founder, CTO

Software architecture expert for Linux, Android, Networking, Security and Embedded systems. Seasoned Software R&D Team Leader at  Extricom, Allied Telesis Wireless and as a freelancer for several startups

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Contact Us: info@athletar.io